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The Quick and Dirty of It

Coaching should be about one thing, getting your athletes to the starting line in a better position than when they came to you.  It can be anything from more fit to more practiced.  Either way, they should perform better due to the input and time the coach puts into them.  Two years ago we thought, we could do our own style of being involved with the training and the ludacrous styles that have popped up that offer little customization and communication.  We found, after a few missteps, that communication is IMPORTANT.  Did you get that it is IMPORTANT?  You will see that our lack of cookie-cutter programs supports this.

Now that you get how we do it, you are probably asking yourself if you should have a coach or if you are good enough to have one.  Don’t worry, we hear it all the time.  The vast majority of our athletes are not world-class.  They work hard, set goals, and listen to feedback!  That is all we ask of anyone.  We are here to guide you as far as you are willing to go, to eliminate you having to worry about what to do, when to do it, or how hard to go on any given day.


ANYONE can and should benefit from a coach!



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